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Our Mission

The Stevens Family Foundation was founded for the purpose of honoring, entertaining and empowering those who face challenges most of us will never know, those who work tirelessly to help them live their dreams and achieve their goals, and those who seek to raise awareness of these extraordinary and inspirational people in this world.

With Samantha Marcia Stevens as its core inspiration, the Foundation places special emphasis on the needs and dreams of children and young adults with disabilities physical, emotional, social and/or economic, as well as providing support for the non-profit organizations who serve them – all heroes in their own right.

Through their philanthropy, The Stevens Family Foundation works to raise awareness and help provide these Superheroes with their most powerful voices, that they may better inspire us all to become our best selves.

How We Help

The Stevens Family Foundation supports the differently abled in a variety of ways. Several times a year, we host global events to both raise awareness and funds for those who are at a disadvantage. We also strive to showcase the work and talent of the differently abled.
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Who We Are

We are a family of modern day superheroes helping those in need. See our superhero personas below!

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