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If you would like to reach out to Samantha Marcia Stevens, although she cannot walk or talk, one of her family members will respond.

Hi Samantha, my name is Karen, we have not met yet but I want you to know how lucky you are to have such an special, loving, giving, beautiful family. I have been lucky to have met your parents, aunt and sister. I was so touched by the love they feel for you and how they have touched the world by making it a better place. I too have kids with disabilities from birth but never was able to help others in the same way your family has dedicated their lives to doing. Their big beautiful hearts, amazing dedication and creativity, first hand experience and enormous generosity has improved the quality of many peoples lives including mine. Hats off to them and you ambassador for making this world a better place!

Hello Samantha and Stevens family! This past Saturday I was actually dressed as Batman for a friends T-ball party in nearby Hudson. It was that very friend who alerted me to the Stevens family foundation and I am absolutely amazed by what I see here. I was taught to read and overcome several learning disabilities and issues through detective comics, and it began my lifelong love of Batman. I love every iteration of the character, but being barely 5’8” Keaton has always been number one to me. My own son is on the autism spectrum and had a very difficult childhood in many respects in terms of emotions and controlling his anger. I applied the same lessons I had learned and introduced him to Batman. Inspiration he took from that character has improved his life dramatically, And at the ripe age of 21 he remains a very big fan. I have a small collection of memorabilia myself in my own “movie loft” (A reference that anyone who grew up locally with channel 38 will immediately get) And make 1/6 scale figures and props as a hobby. If there is any way I could ever help out the foundation, please let me know. Thank you for all that you do.
Best, Geoffrey Brown

Speaking for and sometimes as Samantha Marcia Stevens is sometimes easy while other times hard. Samantha is pretty much non verbal and unable to walk. Yet. She is currently 15. While we help so many over the years, right now two large projects are keeping us busy. Our Museum Project and our “Restaurant Assist” project. More on both later.

We are now getting emails from places like KENYA that simply ask Samantha for her Email??
World Ambassador for Down Syndrome, Samantha Marcia Stevens is currently 15 years old and can neither walk nor Talk.

We clearly posted that we, as her Family will attempt to answer questions here put to her to the best of our ability.

THIS is our Forum for us to answer any questions about her, her life and our Charities we do.

Why would someone from Kenya wish to have her email?

Just saying, read the comment page.

Requests for her non existent email will be deleted.

This again, is a forum for Questions, not requests.


Brian David Stevens
President & CEO
The Stevens Family Foundation

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